Fractional Ownership guide offered by World Class Group

As the after shocks of the financial markets and real estate sectors begin to somehow settle down, it becomes clear to most investors that change is the only constant that they can rely upon.

Few spaces in the economy have been spared from the frigid effect of the withdrawal of confidence by investors and consumers, which has created a domino effect globally. Real estate continues to go through an incredible metamorphosis.

One trend though, although was gaining in popularity prior to the downslide, was using partnerships in the acquisition of buying second homes. This is widely known as Fractional Ownership, and is becoming more popular than ever as now second home buyers are now being give the option of a much lower entry fee to command a destination property for a month of holidays per year.

According to the author of the Power of Property Partnerships, Michael J. Tolan, new opportunities for developers and consumers will emerge during 2010.

“We forecast growth in Fractional Ownership now that the bottom of the market has been identified in areas such as Dubai, Thailand, and Egypt in the coming 12 months.” said Tolan.

“We have decided to create this educational guide for potential consumers and will release it as a free download for 30 days from February 15th, 2010. The thinking behind is to provide a greater awareness for potential consumers, and thus pollinate the growth of this niche market.” he added.

Tolan is also CEO of World Class Group, a PR and Communications company based in the Middle East and Malta for the past 15 years.

World Class Group will be conducting Edu-Tainment seminars in Dubai, Bangkok, Munich, Cairo in Q2 of 2010 to raise awareness and attract new distribution partners to their worldwide network for Fractional Ownership.

The highlights of the first part of Q1 are two very significant forums on Fractional Ownership, one in February by Fractional Life in the UK, and the other the ACCOP for the Asia Pacific Rim, organized by Bryan Lunt’s Absolute Resorts.

The growing activity of interest, coupled with the focus that more investors are placing on value is only highlighting the potential growth of an already exciting industry. Fractional Ownership also just received a boost from the 350 offices of Fine and Country who announced a dedicated division to promote and sell quality fractional products.


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